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Selective Empathy

  A selective empathetic is a more sinister evil than the outright unempathetic. The unempathetic is quite small in numbers, and are under more scrutiny. The selective empathetic is one of reflective desire, picking and choosing those to be glad for and wishing to prosper based off of desired personal gain, gain that involves putting others down in the process. This level of empathy is pure submission to outside preachers, outside systems, media, literature, art, and economics, and represents a dark and fallible inner sense. Letting things simply happen, apathetic to their greater truth, nihilistic in meaning, and a walking product of guiding forces around them. A pure empathetic is empathetic to all in all situations, noticing the humanity in all. It is sad to notice the selective empathetic being a prevalent and lauded endeavor, when the qualities of such selective empathetic are thought of also as manipulation. A great contradiction in social morality and personal character judgeme

A Proud Soul

Where around us we find comfort is what marks us. For our comfort is not that of strength, not that of knowledge, or that of dogma. It is where we secure our ever loving minds.  The minds that have been neglected. The minds that need a sense of safety where we are not safe. It is where we gain love. Love given to us before but not recognized. We live with it in a hateful light. We see it as a weakness. We see it as harmful. For this is not where we act, or where we strengthen, but it is where we live out our deepest desires. Our desires are not chosen. Our desires are not designed. Our desires are assigned, and without conscious purpose. It is what makes us beautiful. The passivity it displays balances us. Without it, there is no relation to one another. There's no shared experience.  The angry become calm, the anxious become safe, the ashamed become prideful. Its beauty is taken for granted, day by day, and never respected. What we respect is our accompl

The Philosophy of Exercise

    It had taken awhile for me to realize just how important it is to be at peace with yourself to then turn to activism. What we need to do to help sustain ourselves is a moral imperative and should not be avoided for those who believe so.      We've been plagued with the idea of personal freedom, and the increasingly large amounts of tasty, yet horrible for you, foods. If I have the capacity over my body, my feelings, my thoughts, why shouldn't I be able to eat what I want? From a legal standpoint, you should be allowed this freedom, as new information for health continues to change over and over, we should far from ban the freedom to eat what we want. Rather, this should be an obvious moral imperative to us, and it should start with philosophy, and continue to rise with activism.     I propose a challenge to my fellow moral philosophers. This seems to be a constant running theme throughout the philosophy community. While we are to question what we eat in terms of

Mindful Deterioration

Let alive what won't Miss the inner character Without music, it left Wearing the burden of life within the silk Destruct the fortitude inside; It had complete control What was the truth? Hints of agony buried in a rubbled chapel With clarity, none of it could be restored The ignorant truth lie ahead Searching emptiness for matter "Life without it is still worth living," they told Harping the soul without worth It left those to find it Before, the sheets had masked it behind Now, it's masked in front Most lived without knowing It had left a hole The cause unbeknownst Past times turbulent Waves of guilt, beaches of distance The tsunami of inhibition overtook Frozen in a boiling ocean Where was the lamb? The question, unsound A sudden flash of light down below "The awakening of evil?"  The force of a thousand demons rescued It was evil, it was calm Fighting the thought of turmoil The demons spoke "We are you." This poem is about the guilt