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Before the day had dawned
On this Earth an angel spawned
I stood before her beaming light
My mind in wonder of her sight

My past gleaned at the behest of others
The midnight had drawn livid mothers
Myself moved unborn
No one before to adorn

Only to her I confide
Everything else kept inside
Discovery lead to betrayal
Bright color turned to pale

My corpse lay in ash
Ideal and reality clash
She saw no problem
Her quest began autumn

Her presence gave hope
And filled the spot of rope
Her gleaming smile shine
I prayed she stay mine

But loyalty have no reward
Even perfection submit to the sword
The population will say I'm dumb
I will prevent that day to come

The thought bring fervent anguish
But ignoring reality I languish
This time I must savor
Happiness without her waiver


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I must say this is lovely, do you write all of this?

    1. Yes yes, I do! 😊 I've been trying to get into poetry more and more.


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