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Selective Empathy

  A selective empathetic is a more sinister evil than the outright unempathetic. The unempathetic is quite small in numbers, and are under more scrutiny. The selective empathetic is one of reflective desire, picking and choosing those to be glad for and wishing to prosper based off of desired personal gain, gain that involves putting others down in the process. This level of empathy is pure submission to outside preachers, outside systems, media, literature, art, and economics, and represents a dark and fallible inner sense. Letting things simply happen, apathetic to their greater truth, nihilistic in meaning, and a walking product of guiding forces around them. A pure empathetic is empathetic to all in all situations, noticing the humanity in all. It is sad to notice the selective empathetic being a prevalent and lauded endeavor, when the qualities of such selective empathetic are thought of also as manipulation. A great contradiction in social morality and personal character judgeme

The Bastion and the Widow

The sun circles around all lovers through the days of their lives.

The life cycle ends and begins, the gravity weighing their time.

Passions persuaded ambition in their lives.

Their presence so fleeting, perhaps real happiness wouldn't stay.

The work of the wicked brought forth pain

The work of the wise wouldn't stop pain

The death of the thrusted love fly in the ether

There lived a bastion, praying the days away for truth.

The bastion brought his head up,
His eyes fluidly scanning space.
He realized the world for what it was,
Noticing its understatement,
Visualizing proxy love.

A widow was in search for meaning.
She stumbled into a pumpkin patch where the bastion stand.
The bastion was there, so ignorantly wise, and so beautiful.
Astronomy lived with the widow's mind
She gently gave him a kiss.

Their love for seconds.
Seconds recomposed minutes.

The minutes were gone.
As the bastion looked to her, angst filled his heart.

He stared into her soul, thinking of truth.
God swindled him.

There came a flash of fiery mushrooms. 
Their hearts left as they vanish with life.
Their lives came to the stars.
The stars lie within nothing. 

Their love without a world. 
Their love gone.

The Lord believed in him certainly,
But the Lord believed in nothing more.
The Lord saw his deserted love.
The Lord saw him.

The bastion obfuscated life.

His widowed love watched him.

Neither of them so wise.

They die without knowing.