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Unconscious Controlled Critique

A state of subjugation so infantile, yet so disruptive, could the layers of conspiracy go further in its existence? Purportedly, a state media ran through the filter of difference and excitement leveling its own demise for short term satisfaction to the overlords, controlling our every thought and idea to the very core. Is this state ran media a consequence of governmental control, supposedly through the use of democratic means, that theoretically can be shifted determinant on public perception? Partially, yet the media runs further than what we believe it to be. As our eyeballs are ripped out of their sockets to give monetary incentives to this industry, it concludes a multiplicity of ideation that exists on its own, and wrapped around to affect the very authors themselves. Entertainment, as we uphold it, levels a perspective relevant to a minority of beings, centralized in a very few cities, and then controlled by a smaller few individuals within the business sector, and

Sip On This Gin Rin


Sip on this Gin Rin,

It's time to wake up.

Gather around and I'll pour you a cup.

I want to know something so deep and divine

Something only a pretty girl like you could refine

Yes what is it?

I'm sitting all ears,

The light is too dimly lit,

And you can spare me the cheers.

Well, I'd like to know how you feel in this place

And how your mind is within it's own space

Is it just me or is it me too,

I'm sitting on this chair without a clue.

I can tell you certainly,

And listen up,

Your eyes shine pertently 

Now pour me a cup.

But what is it about your reigning image?

I can't figure out what it is that's damaged.

Is it my love for you

Or my hope?

Or do you see yourself with a rope?

My and my, deer Beneto,

Sit on the couch and clear your toe,

You've given me something to ponder,

And it's something that you will forever wonder

Because I am here

And you are there

In this trivial pursuit,

Now dash to your right hemisphere and toot

For I will sit here and fray

And there will come the day

That there's less and less to say

Within eachothers purview,

But for now we sit and wait

And I have locked the gate,

With the last controller on pay-per-view.

And you will be super disappointed,

But there's always nothing ahead,

Unless you decide and appointed

That there's something instead.

But only the weak will find it hard to follow

And you my friend are far from shallow

So why don't you sit back and relax

And drink this cup of joy,

Because it's the only time you'll have to enjoy,

And when you're finished with your drink,

Your eyes will start to sink,

And your brain will rot once more,

And then you will shrink,

And you will think,

That there's always something more.