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  Man I loved being abused And I think you did too Kinda wish it wasn't over Please come back my four leaf clover Maybe it's no self respect My problem is that I easily forget You and I are the same in that And I think you also want to come back I think the abuse was love A traumatized version from above Neither of us could admit it So we kinda had to split it As Kanye says run away There's nothing left for us to say Except that u can always come back But remember we'll both be under attack


 I act so selfishly

I hold onto things that need to roam

I hold onto my emotions too closely

I break my back trying to hold

I lie in bed

Your movements across my mind

That sweet smile in my head

Those luscious eyes so daring

And your joy is glowing

And my feelings so divine

I hold onto those I love

I hold too tightly

Promises of a dove

You're so amazing in every way

I lie in bed

Quiet afternoons

And wish you'd be here soon

I notice a missing piece

I noticed a few

I cant understand rejection

I cant understand space

Sometimes its just a projection

In the mirror i see its face

And in the silo

Filled with lovely roses

A rose dies with each day

Each moment I dont see you

Sighing as I wait for you

Sighing as I find things to do

Sighing as I think of things i dont want to

Sighing as I listen to your voice in my head

Sighing as the day goes by

Sighing as I make people cry

Sighing as it turns over

Sighing without my four leaf clover

Watching you walk away

I cant feel the same

Every moment with you so precious

I close my eyes and slip away

Sometimes we have to let it go

I don't care how long it takes

I want to be with you for life

I want to feel your embrace

Your validation so firey and graceful

I wonder about the days

About the times I had fun

And those are my light

In a deep world of darkness

Sometimes we need small pieces

To feel in line again

And to forgive ourselves

For we have all sinned

Oh how I feel so strongly

And how I miss you

That every moment you're here

I want to kiss you

That every moment you create

Sometimes I wish I knew more

I feel it so deeply

I act so selfish

Im waiting for this

Im waiting for you

For any moment spent

Any moment at all

Whether thats today

Or tomorrow

Or 2 years from now

Or the last day I live

Is the best time I'll ever know

For I have seen you grow

And you bring me joy

I trust you deeply

I cant figure it out

My love for you is wild

And my selfishness in doubt