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Selective Empathy

  A selective empathetic is a more sinister evil than the outright unempathetic. The unempathetic is quite small in numbers, and are under more scrutiny. The selective empathetic is one of reflective desire, picking and choosing those to be glad for and wishing to prosper based off of desired personal gain, gain that involves putting others down in the process. This level of empathy is pure submission to outside preachers, outside systems, media, literature, art, and economics, and represents a dark and fallible inner sense. Letting things simply happen, apathetic to their greater truth, nihilistic in meaning, and a walking product of guiding forces around them. A pure empathetic is empathetic to all in all situations, noticing the humanity in all. It is sad to notice the selective empathetic being a prevalent and lauded endeavor, when the qualities of such selective empathetic are thought of also as manipulation. A great contradiction in social morality and personal character judgeme

Impossible Inherentness


Pain vs pleasure, the ups and downs, an endless cycle of discontent. Absent of reflection, this cyclical abuse of the mind works as a coping mechanism to the stringent, and expansive, chaotic and overwhelming state of modern influences. The self, the universe, life, society, all of which are never inherently prescient to anybody, but reflective of a disassociation with your own autonomy.

The power of global hegemony has distinguished these matters as part and parcel for existential singularities, the modus operandi of human consciousness. 

These matters don't arise out of an inherent nature of the self, but as a simple reflection of the vapidness of the external with its automations of heuristical prevalence, turning the self into an automatic being, that the self should know who it is without exploration.

Life controls the self, it animates it, and breathes it consciousness, deriving a reflection of the processes of the external into the self as a singularity. Its processes are an actualization of a modern anxiety, based off of social interactions and the powers that control them, where inherentness is impossible to parse.