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Short Ideal Soliloquy

My biggest lesson today was not to put so much effort into an ideal. Your ideal may be something easy to obtain or something hard to obtain. The point is that the ideal is just that, the ideal. The ideal is so harshly predicated on your feelings that you can become completely overstressed and overcome by its desire procuring through you. Nevertheless it is necessary for you to use to obtain your goal. However, let's not be too hasty in assigning its position. This is where the ground gets covered with landmines. In order for your ideal to be of any use, you must weaken it until it's aligned with your humanistic behavior. Then, weaken it some more with abstract concepts or outlier situations that could go wrong. Then weaken it even further with your motivation. In other words, let yourself be at peace with everything. Then your ideal will manifest a more realistic result, and maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to obtain the ideal without losing your mind!