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Unconscious Controlled Critique

A state of subjugation so infantile, yet so disruptive, could the layers of conspiracy go further in its existence? Purportedly, a state media ran through the filter of difference and excitement leveling its own demise for short term satisfaction to the overlords, controlling our every thought and idea to the very core. Is this state ran media a consequence of governmental control, supposedly through the use of democratic means, that theoretically can be shifted determinant on public perception? Partially, yet the media runs further than what we believe it to be. As our eyeballs are ripped out of their sockets to give monetary incentives to this industry, it concludes a multiplicity of ideation that exists on its own, and wrapped around to affect the very authors themselves. Entertainment, as we uphold it, levels a perspective relevant to a minority of beings, centralized in a very few cities, and then controlled by a smaller few individuals within the business sector, and

I'm Sick of It

The screeching snare of the witch's lips came to a purse. She narrowed on the billow watching a troubled man looking in the mirror. "Excuse me," she said. As she watched him, his eyes turned a glowing red. "What is it you could possibly want? Why are you always bothering me?" He said. "Can't you see I'm unwilling? I'm sick of your constant intrusion. Will you just let me be? I can't feel for myself ever." "I'm sick of you as much you are of me," she replied. "Now listen to what I'm telling you, you cannot lie to me, and I will punish you if you do. Do you understand, to ever be accepted by me, you must be..." There was a pause "... perfect?" "I'm shelled in my world and anytime you tell me how I should feel, you kill me inside  Don't you know that I'm sick of it? I can't be myself around you, there is no me. There is only your want for me." The witch flew away f

Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder, So Behold Yourself

Introduction Aha yes yes. I am here to explain a little story about me. It is what they call, beauty on a stick. Extra easy and utilitist in nature, and aesthetically pleasing to all. This story is about my heart. What we value Anger is the only socially acceptable way to achieve vulnerability. It is the only way a man will be able to express himself to the world, otherwise he must do what he must, in spite of whether he is able to or not, or if it is considered best for his health. Anger is the outlet of choice for those that are insecure about their strength and their dominance. It is buttered up to appear as though it was strength. It is also dumb and idiotic. My heart became like this because of how my grandfather treated my father, and how we have neglected mental health in our family. How my mental health is deteriorating as I write this, how my father didn't know how to handle his without force awhile ago, how I have had no emotional wealth whatsoever growing up, how narciss

You Find My Suffering Amusing

  Beautiful! The crazed man speaks again. It is extraordinarily humorous to see him make a fool of himself for us. We all wish he'd do it more often. We are here to preview the beautiful scribbles of a man with unknown mental instability! We are tired and dread our boring 40 hour weeks of work. We dread watching the news! It's too political for our tastes! So hilarious it is to see someone act chaotic and different! They are different because we have been told. We have been influenced by the completely passionate with little reason. The passionate find things differently harmful than we do! In fact, the passionate influence our moralities! They tell us what is weird. However, we get tired of doing nothing. There is no conflict, so we turn to the conflicted for entertainment! He is there, making a FOOL of himself haha! His actions are totally crazy right guys? Do not ask me about the injustices I have thought of. Do not laugh at racial inequity. Do not laugh at transgender or ho