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  Man I loved being abused And I think you did too Kinda wish it wasn't over Please come back my four leaf clover Maybe it's no self respect My problem is that I easily forget You and I are the same in that And I think you also want to come back I think the abuse was love A traumatized version from above Neither of us could admit it So we kinda had to split it As Kanye says run away There's nothing left for us to say Except that u can always come back But remember we'll both be under attack

Traumatized Exception Seekers


The lie

Presented as scientific

Presented as intellectual

Homo Sapien

Homo Faber

Man the wise

Man the maker

Truly belittling

Autonomy and transcendence

Apparent in description

Homo sapien and homo faber

Perverted the idea of autonomy

Existentialism as the cornerstone

A transcendence above reality

The trauma of constraint within our minds

Made us feel the need to escape

We were bound by none other

Than the slave morality

That Nietzsche perverted in its definition

A retribution? No, an individuality.

Slavery is to the individual

As trauma is to the human


Equal in refinement

Potent in solitary confinement

Systemically imposed on ourselves

The man is not the maker

The man is the lost

The man is not the creator

The man is the reshaping

The man is not transcendent

The man is transcendent to himself only

Reshaping the human identity

As one of an acceptance of loss

Necessary in our grievance with the traumatic impact of existence itself

One of snark being the sole remainder

In a hope for stability


The traumatized automata

The exception seeker

Bound by the perspective of himself

And his neighbors

Traumatized by constraint in an unconstrained world.