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Some day, Everyday, Tomorrow.


Some days I decipher myself.

Some days I don't know who I am.

Some days I'm selfish.

Some days I'm caring.

Everyday I don't know what's happening or who I am.

Everyday It's up to me to decide what I should be, or how I should act, and everyday I go through the same thoughts over and over again.

Everyday I look in the mirror and notice blemishes.

Some days I look in the mirror and see the same thing I saw before, but it is different when I look at it, and some days I touch my face and feel scales.

Everyday I fear pain.

Some days pain is happiness, and some days pain is suffering.

Some days pain is boredom, some days pain is stress.

Everyday is a marathon run from pain, and some days that pain is harder to notice.

Some days I'm crazy.

Some days I'm happy.

Some days I'm depressed.

Some days I'm determined.

Everyday I make myself do things I don't want to do so I can enjoy the things I do want to do, and many days I don't know how to enjoy the things I want to do.

Everyday people act the same way.

Everyday I act the same way.

Everyday the sun rises and the sun sets.

And some days I watch it, and some days I don't.

Some days I don't want it to rise, and some days I'm eager for it to.

One day I'll know what this means,

And everyday, I won't.

Some days I'll fight death,

One day, I will lose.

Some days I will get mad at nothing special, and will attempt to justify it,

Because some days, I just want the world to be over, and I just want to win.