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πŸ“” Journal Entry 2: Changes

 Some will say the day comes and goes,

And some will be caught in its glory, or even its deadliness.

Days will go by either way, whether you long for a better tomorrow, you have that better tomorrow, or you are nihilistic.

At some point, the recognition of your stay isn't enough, and you will disappear into unwatedness.

And then you will even have thoughts destroyed of your being.

Wishful thinking breeds your mind, your will, your want of virtue, and even your love.

But this wishful thinking, although it's your essence, is completely disregarded.

Sometimes there will be points in your life in which destiny has no direction.

Those points define your desires.

Those points are really sharpening you, as an individual.

If matter is you, you won't be alive in matter.

Consciousness is not real, you are simply too difficult to be alive.

And yes, you won't be you anymore.